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5 Things Every Homeowner Should Know About Pipe Bursting Method

Though hardly ever in view, a home’s plumbing system is crucial in its functionality and safety of those who live in it. A ruptured pipe or damaged sewer line can be costly and poses health risks. Currently, pipe bursting is one of the most effective and cost-efficient, and the safest repair alternative for every property owner. The pipe bursting method pertains to the is the repair process whereby a new pipe is pulled through the old one while simultaneously fracturing the old pipe and thus replacing it with a brand new piping system. Here are 5 things every homeowner should know about this very helpful trenchless innovation:

1. Trenchless Pipe Bursting Minimizes Overall Property Damage

Traditional methods were a bit over the top with all the digging of territories merely to gain access to the affected areas. The entire process disturbs plantlife, landscapes, walls and structures. The pipe bursting strategy just requires a tiny access hole to be dug to get the pipe through on either side of the lateral. Less digging means less damage to any property, the environment, less cleanup with no subsequent restoration necessary.

2. Pipe Busting Technology Reduces Sewer Line Costs

In most communities, homeowners are responsible for sewer line maintenance covering pipes from the house that lead to the sewer main. This can become an exorbitant task, and repairs done using pipe bursting proves to be more cost-efficient over traditional ways. Old methods of digging causes significant property damage and more home repairs in the aftermath that can be triple the cost of pipe bursting today. Technology has paved the way to a more affordable yet oftentimes the best solution to plumbing problems.

3. Pipe Bursting Can Address Almost All Kinds of Plumbing Problems

Because of the adaptability in the diverse ways that pipe bursting innovation can be utilized for sewer repair or underground pipe replacement, the extent to which this method can be best used is practically boundless. Whether your piping system is going through normal wear and tear, deterioration, corrosion, or exhibiting poor performance due to improper installation, pipe bursting can effectively diagnose and fix trouble areas without having to dig nor cause substantial changes in your property.

4. Pipe Bursting is Environment-Friendly and A Lot Safer for Everyone

Many homeowners are unaware of the fact that the digging linked to traditional plumbing processes exposes their family to harmful substances such as mold and asbestos. What’s more, the longer that the ground is uncovered, the greater the risk of exposure and various other safety concerns around the site. Trenchless technology paved the way to an eco-friendly marketing technique where site grounds and surroundings are kept intact.

5. Pipe Bursting is More Durable than Traditional Repair Methods

In the process of repairing or replacing sewer systems, one of the most common concerns homeowners have is its durability. How long will the pipes last? No one wants to go through the inconveniences along with added expenses again so soon. The good news is, you’ll be making a good investment if you opt for the pipe bursting trenchless method with the sewer line’s life expectancy extending beyond 50 years.

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