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3 Fast Way to Find and Fix a Drain Line Break in Logan, UT

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When a sewer drain line breaks, major damage can occur. While this damage is repairable, it will need to be done quickly. The longer a sewer drain is broken, the greater the chances of major soil contamination will occur. Not only will this be a real smelly problem, it will also put you the property owner at risk of being fined and even sued. If your broken sewer line spills hazardous waste onto someone else’s property, you will be responsible for the cleanup. Today, we are going to learn three super fast ways to find and repair sewer line breaks.

Sewer drain breaks need to be dealt with quickly. Waiting around even a few days can really put you at risk of major issues. This is why contacting a professional sewer repair company is in your best interest. Below you will learn how they can find and fix your problems quickly protecting you from future damage.

1. Exploring with a sewer camera system:

One of the best ways to find and fix a sewer drain leak is by using a sewer camera system. A small high-resolution camera will be deployed into your sewer line. This will allow the professional plumber to quickly find any leaks that might be occurring. Then he or she will be able to determine the best course of action. Some repairs can be made remotely while others will require a more hands on approach. Below you will also learn how trenchless sewer lining can be used in combination with a camera system to fix any leaks quickly and permanently.

2. Using water tracing dyes:

Another way that some expert sewer repair companies find leaks is by deploying water tracing dyes. These dyes which are often bright blue or red will show the pros where the leaks are. This will allow them to dig up that section of the drain line and fix it. These tracing dyes will save technicians loads of time and they can get to the root of the problem very quickly.

3. Adding a trenchless liner:

Probably the most advanced and accurate way to find and fix a leaking drain is to simply put a trenchless liner into place. With very little digging, technicians will blow or pull the liner into place. Once over the leaking pipe, the durable liner will be cured in place sealing up the pipe. These harden liners can be quickly deployed and no major digging will be needed. Combined with a camera inspection, this sewer repair technic will greatly increase the strength of your existing sewer drain line for many years to come.

Get Help Fast

If you suspect that you have a sewer drain leak, get help fast. Waiting around can only further the damage and increase the amount of raw sewage that leaks into the ground. Calling a certified sewer repair service will allow technicians to quickly begin work and repair any damage before it is too late.

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