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What to expect during the drain cleaning process

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Regular drain cleaning can be one of the best choices you can make as a homeowner. Having your drains cleaned on a regular basis will decrease the risk of malfunctions as well as blockages that typically lead to costly repairs and significant damage.

Over time, drains tend to accumulate different forms of debris such as calcite and waste, inevitably creating clogs that slow down water flow. Choosing the right cleaning method and knowing when to call a professional for drain cleaning is a vital first step in the process. But let’s uncover what happens after that call is made.

Four Important Steps During the Drain Cleaning Process



3.Clog Removal

4.Final inspection and testing

Assessment - Your hired professional will initially complete a detailed inspection. Often a specialized camera will be used to determine the drain and pipe conditions while locating and identifying the blockage. By using these camera heads, We can quickly uncover the problem while establishing an effective game plan.

Drain cleaning prep – Following the inspection, the site will be prepared and the work area near the drain will be cleared. Reputable contractors follow safety guidelines, use protective equipment, and know how to avoid unnecessary damage.

Removing the Clog – While the course of action depends on the problem, many plumbing professionals rely on hydro jetting as it is environmentally friendly, inconspicuous and achieves long-lasting results. Hydro jetters often come with a variety of advanced cleaning heads that are designed for specific cleaning needs, capable of removing stubborn clogs and restoring water flow quickly.

Other Options For Drain Cleaning

Sometimes a hydro jetter isn’t the right option for the job and your may reach for a cable machine that is equipped with special heads to cut through some of the toughest clogs. High speed chain cleaning is also often used to cut through clay, roots, metal, rocks and more.

A final check

Once the drain cleaning process is complete, Our team will complete a final inspection to ensure all clogs have been removed and the water is flowing properly. This often includes running various faucets in the home and flushing toilets, confirming all issues have been resolved.

Your home is likely one of your biggest investments, proactively maintaining it with drain cleaning will protect your assets in the long-term, giving you peace of mind, knowing everything is working effectively and efficiently.

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