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How trenchless pipe bursting works and pipe splitting methods

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A new technique is being introduced in sewer pipe repair in which a machine splits the existing pipes using a pipe head and at the back pulls a new pipe that replaces it. This method works best for trenchless sewer line repair.

The pipe bursting and pipe splitting methods replace the old pipes in the sewer line. Splitting and bursting the existing pipe to replace the old pipe avoids any need to dig the area. This can also help you replace the pipe with an up-size pipe to increase the flow capacity of your sewer system.

Pipe bursting

This method replaces old and brittle pipes such as asbestos, cast iron, and clay by bursting through them and replacing them with a new pipe. Then the bursting fragments are pulled forward into the surrounding ground. Pipe bursting is method in which, an advancing conical-shaped bursting head is used with a diameter of 50-100mm, slightly larger than the replacement pipe. The expansion of the existing pipe causes it to become brittle and ductile and split into pieces and go into the surrounding ground. As the bursting head moves forward to burst the old pipe, it pulls behind a replacement pipe in the new cavity. This way, the replacement pipe is moved into the existing pipe without digging and replacing the old pipe.

Pipe splitting

This method is used to replace ductile pipes such as ductile iron, plastics, and steel. The technique uses a cutter head that cuts through the pipe and replaces it with a new pipe. Pipe splitting used the same principle as the pipe bursting technology that replaces the old brittle pipes with the new ones. In this method, the old brittle pipe is split into pieces using a cutter head that moves through it and cut it. It pulls behind a replacement pipe that fits in the newly formed cavity. This is also a trenchless method that can be used for plumbing purpose.

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