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Comparing Pipe Bursting and Traditional Excavation

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Pipe bursting generally takes less time, protects more property, and saves money

Companies, homeowners, and pipe technicians across America and Europe have started opting for Pipe Bursting (replacing a pipe without digging it up, usually underground) instead of traditional Pipe Excavation for many underground jobs. This article will explain why Bursting can protect and save money, time, land, and material.

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Replacing pipes is not only a monetary investment. Depending on the size and depth of the pipe, excavation can take days or weeks. While digging for pipes, care must be taken to ensure that other surrounding pipes – water lines, gas lines, and everything else – are not harmed. If they are, the project will become further delayed, even if the monetary cost doesn’t increase (though it probably will).

With traditional pipe bursting, on the other hand, the only excavation necessary is to create small ditches at the beginning and the end of the damaged pipe, where the hydraulic puller may be set level with the old pipe. Many industrial pipe bursting jobs take less than one business week, and many residential pipe bursting jobs are started and completed on the same day.

Another problem with traditional digging is the expenses required to fund a traditional pipe excavation. When an old pipe is especially long, or it is leaking into the ground, traditional excavation starts to become expensive. To dig up an additional 10 to 100 feet of pipe could prove very costly, depending on the depth of the pipe, any pipes surrounding or nearby, and the type of soil. In these cases, pipe bursting isn’t only faster and less disruptive – it is actually much less expensive.

Pipe bursting solves three major problems with traditional “digging” outlined above: surrounding utilities pose less risk to the project, the time wasted spent digging is eliminated, and many projects end up costing less money for everyone involved – companies, property owners, and technicians.

Whenever possible, individuals and organizations should look into pipe bursting as a solution to their pipe replacement needs.

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