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Case Studies

We are part of a network of contractors that use a world-wide technology.  Follow the link below to view different jobs this network has completed.  This will give you an idea of the type of problems we can solve.  We are the only contractor in Utah and Idaho licensed to use this incredible pipe-lining technology for less invasive restoration.

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Our Work

Pipe Bursting

Pipe Burst Service

Two holes (#1 & #2) saved much of a lawn by pipe bursting a water service from the meter to the house.  Great use of trenchless pipe repair!

Cured In Place Pipe (CIPP)

Before After Break Under Toilet

Roots intrusion into pipe led to floods.

CIPP Lining protecting the pipe from roots.

Before (#1) and after (#2) of a break under a toilet. Tree roots broke the pipe. We used CIPP to repair the pipe.

Cured In Place Pipe

Pull in place wye connector

Pull In Place CIPP connection liners. They are Cured In Place liners in the shape of “wye” or “T” connections.

CIPP liner

Saved a bedroom, living room, mechanical, and hallway with this liner. This went into a bad laundry and kitchen line.

Example of CIPP

Example of CIPP. Create a new pipe inside an old pipe (even if pipe is missing) with our Cured In Place Pipe (CIPP) liner.

2 inch liner

This 2” liner saved 30’ of saw cutting. This kitchen drain was cracked and leaking; now it’s as good as new!

Pipe Bursting

Pipe cutter in old pipe

We use this cutter to split old galvanized and copper water lines while at the same time pulling a new water line into the old one’s path.

Line and Pipe Burster Used in Pipe Burster Pipe Repair

Pipe Bursting used to replace a 70’ water line. The cone will push out the old pipe and pull the new line behind it.

Hydraulic Ram

A hydraulic ram that pulls the pipe cutter and new line.

Pipe bursting cone inserted into pipe

Old pipe has been pushed out by the cone.

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Restore Pipe Systems Videos

See us doing an actual Cured In Place Piping job in Cache Valley, UT.

Watch our team perform a live pipe bursting job.  The video finishes with an overhead shot of a yard.

Wilson Motors had a backup in their wastewater lines and brought in another company to fix the problem.  A week later they had the same issue.  They heard of a process where a pipe could be placed inside a pipe.  So they brought us in (under the name Bridge Plumbing). We were careful not to disrupt business and were willing to work after hours and weekends.  Our trenchless pipe repair technology prevented having to dig trenches through the shop, sidewalk, and Main Street. The cost was probably half of what it would otherwise had been.

Collage video showing how damaged piping can be repaired with trenchless pipe repair (CIPP) technology. If your current pipes are cracking, misaligned, rough, or suffer from root penetrations, cracking, separations, or pinholes, chances are we can help.  Call us today: (801) 564-0089.

Nu Flow Technology

Restore Pipe uses Nu Flow Technology for Residential, Commercial and Apartment or Condo Drain Repair.

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