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Sewer Repair In Ogden, Utah

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Sewer RepairSewer repair in Ogden, Utah certainly does not need to be the nightmare that it once was. The days of large and noisy trucks ripping apart your landscaping and hardscaping in order to expose the sewer pipes can absolutely be a thing of the past. In this technologically advanced day and age forward thinking plumbing contractors, like Restore Pipe Systems can incorporate the use of high-tech tools, machines, and methods instead of excavating large and destructive trenches.

It certainly is unfortunate that the majority of plumbing contractors still rely on the old school excavation process. In fact this outdated, and unnecessary practice is so widely spread that a great deal of property owners are still under the assumption that it is their one and only choice. Nothing could be further from the truth. The trenchless sewer repair approach has been available for the past fifteen years. The question that you may be asking yourself at this point is why do most plumbing contractors continue to rely on inferior methods?

The answer may or may not surprise you. The plumbing industry as a whole is extremely slow to adopt new technology. It goes back to the old adage, if it is not broken than why fix it. In essence many plumbers are afraid to make any changes. They continue to do things the same way the previous generation did, and the generation before that. Some plumbing companies see the light at the end of the tunnel. However they lack the financial resources that are needed to purchase the new equipment and train their personnel on the proper way to use it.

A few plumbing contractors, like Restore Pipe Systems have both the foresight and capital that are required to provide property owners with a superior sewer repair tactic. There are actually two separate trenchless sewer repair approaches, and neither requires the excavation of a large and destructive trench. The trenchless pipe lining procedure is available if the existing sewer pipeline is in decent shape. A small access point is made at one end of the pipeline.

A high-tech machine is used to cover the interior surfaces of the existing sewer pipeline with a specially formulated epoxy resin. The epoxy cures in place within a few hours to form a hard pipe liner or pipe within a pipe. The new liner seals any cracks, chips, breaks, or holes and prevents any further damage from occurring. It will last for at least fifty years or more. The entire trenchless pipe lining process can be completed from start to finish in as little as one day. In addition, it costs approximately fifty-percent less than the traditional excavation method.

If the existing sewer pipes are broken beyond repair than the trenchless pipe bursting method is used. It requires two small access points, one at each end of the sewer pipeline. A different high-tech machine installs a heavy-duty plastic PVC pipe into the existing sewer pipes. As the new PVC pipe is being pushed, pulled, or blown through it burst the old pipes in an outward motion.

The pieces of the old sewer pipes are disbursed into the earth where they are left to rot. Once the installation process is complete, which happens in as little as one day from start to finish, the new PVC pipe completely replaces the old sewer pipeline. The trenchless pipe bursting approach is significantly less money than the traditional excavation method and will last for well over fifty years.

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