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Non-Structural Pipeline Coating

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What is Pipeline Coating?

Non-Structural Pipeline Coating is a very common repair strategy for vertical pipes in office buildings and apartment buildings. Using a hose connected to a spinning brush, multiple layers of a wet epoxy are applied to the inside of pipes, such as vertical stacks. Each layer dried and hardens, creating sturdy reinforcement.


What are Vertical Stacks?

Vertical Stackes are ventilation shaft pipes, built into multi-level buildings to allow free air flow throughout interior pipes. If these stacks get damaged, leaking water can flow outside of the pipes and cause damage throughout the building. Though many different pipes can benefit from pipeline coating, vertical stacks are among the more common types of piping that receive coating repair.

When is Coating a better option than Lining, or Pipe Replacement?

If there is no serious damage (line breaks or holes), this is a great strategy for repairs. Pitting, worn walls, and small cracks in the pipe are good reasons to use non-structural pipeline coating. Of course, the details of each job are different, and it will take a qualified opinion to determine what the best course of action will be to repair any pipe.

Before and after pipeling coating, a camera inspection is usually performed on the pipe needing repairs. After the repair job, an additional inspection should be performed so that the property owner can see the repairs firsthand.

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