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Sewer Repair

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Sewer RepairA great deal of people experience problems with the sewer system at their homes and or buildings they own. The sewer pipes, which are buried underground at your property are typically the main cause for these issues. There are several solutions available on the market today that correct these situations. Often times the sewer pipeline breaks, cracks, becomes offset or sections of pipe collapse. This damage is caused by shifting soil, the ground settling, age and normal wear and tear.

Although the sewer pipes are manufactured to be tough, they certainly do not last forever. For example, if your real estate was constructed fifty to sixty years ago or even before that, there is a high probability that the pipes are either in the beginning stages of deterioration or well on their way already. This will lead to collapses in the line that restrict the flow of wastewater, waste materials, and raw sewage. There are other issues with older sewer systems as well.

A bellied pipe is commonplace. That means a section of the sewer line has sunk due to ground and soil conditions. In essence, this creates a valley that collects waste and toilet paper and can back up the system. Leaking joints are yet another problem. When the seals between each section of the sewer pipes are broken it allows water to escape out of the pipe and enter into the area that surrounds it. Rounding out the list is the invasion of roots into the sewer line.

Tree roots and shrub roots can easily enter into older sewer pipelines through microscopic cracks and compromised pipe joints. The materials contained within the sewer pipeline fertilize the roots allowing them to grow at an extremely rapid pace. It doesn’t take long for the roots to grow into a tangled mess that can cause a great deal of damage to the pipes. The roots also clog the sewer line, which leads to back ups in the system. Restore Pipe Systems technicians are experienced and fully trained in the latest sewer repair methods, equipment, and materials.

For many years plumbers have used the traditional sewer repair method. The sewer pipes are repaired by using the trench approach in order to gain access to the area surrounding the damaged section of the pipeline. A backhoe or other heavy-duty excavation equipment is typically used to open and refill the work area. However, recent advances in sewer repair technology have made it possible to avoid trenching. Trenchless sewer line repair procedures do not destroy yards, devastate driveways, or ruin parking lots. There are actually two approaches.

The Trenchless Pipe Relining Process is a procedure that repairs sewer pipes by creating a pipe within a pipe in order to restore both flow and function. A felt tube or sock that is soaked in a specially formulated epoxy resin is inserted into the existing sewer pipes. The sock is inflated with either air or hot water, which allows the resin to thoroughly cover the interior surface areas of the sewer line. The epoxy resin cures in place or molds to the inside of the pipe creating a perfectly sealed lining system. This approach to sewer repair requires very little digging if any at all. Often times access to the sewer pipeline can be obtained through a drain clean out or other previously established access point.

The process typically takes as little as one day to complete and costs approximately fifty-percent less than the traditional sewer repair method. If the existing sewer pipes are broken to the point that pipe lining simply will not work then the Pipe Bursting Process is used. Small access holes are made at the beginning and end of the broken pipe. A hydraulic machine pulls a replacement pipe through the old one. The new pipe bursts the old one at the same time it is being inserted into the old pipeline. The entire process can be completed in one day and costs considerably less than the traditional sewer repair method.

Please contact Restore Pipe Systems for a free sewer repair estimate. We are also here to provide you with more information and to answer any questions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you and working with you.

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