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What Are the Different Types of Sewer Systems?

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Sewer systems in Utah may seem unpleasant, yet they are a necessary component of all commercial and residential plumbing systems. The sewage system is essential because effluent would have no safe route to go without it.

Although there are many distinct kinds of sewage systems, they all serve a specific function of transporting waste and wastewater differently. It is always advisable to be familiar with different residential sewage systems to fully care for your sewer system. With this, you may avoid the need for sewer repair or replacement over time.

There are three types of modern sewer systems:

  • Sanitary sewers (also called foul sewers)
  • Storm sewers (also called surface water sewers)

Combined sewers

All three of these sewage systems are critical to the adequate transportation and treatment of the waste we generate.

Sanitary Sewer System

A sanitary sewer system (also called foul sewers) transports waste away from residences and businesses and to wastewater treatment facilities for further processing. These systems are made to handle human waste and things like toilet paper and tissues that break down quickly. Many pumping stations, utility holes, and kilometres of pipe are required to move the waste through the system.

These sanitary sewage systems function by transporting human waste from tiny plumbing pipes within the house to larger pipes outdoors until it enters the street's main sewer line. From here, the sewage is carried to a wastewater treatment facility, where it is processed and then returned to the environment in an environmentally friendly manner.

Storm Sewer System

This is also known as the surface water sewer. It collects and transports rainfall, snowmelt, and irrigation runoff into a storm drain often found in parking lots, roadways, and gutters. These drains are linked together by a network of underground pipes that transport the water straight to rivers, lakes, and other bodies of water without first passing through a treatment facility or being treated in any way.

While the sanitary sewage system transports waste to a treatment facility, the storm sewer system transports untreated runoff water directly into our environment. Every drop of water that enters that storm drain gets dumped into our rivers.

Combined Sewer Systems

As the name depicts, septic sewage systems and storm sewer systems combined to form these networks of pipes. As a result of the possible health risks posed to both humans and the environment, these sewer systems are generally no longer employed.

It is the nature of combined sewers to gather all the water from rain and snow into a single conduit before adding human waste to the same channel. In an ideal situation, this system would pump these mixed wastes to a treatment facility, where they would be treated and returned to the environment safely. However, during heavy rainfall or floods, these systems may get clogged and overflow, allowing untreated effluent to flow straight into the surrounding environment. This permits harmful diseases and pollutants to find their way into the atmosphere, presenting a significant threat to the health of those who are exposed to these contaminants.

Why Do I Need to Know the Type of Sewage System?

Is it essential to know what sort of Utah sewer system you have? Yes, this is essential. Why? If you have a septic system, there are several preventative maintenance procedures that you should do on it. The same may be said for any other kind of waste system. And so, if you do not correctly maintain your system, you may need to have your sewage line replaced sooner than later.


We at Restore Pipe Systems want to ensure that your sewage system continues to function correctly. For sewer repair or regular maintenance, please Call Restore Pipe Systems now, and we will serve you in the best way. We will be happy to assist you.

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