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Trenchless Pipe Bursting

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Pipe BurstingTrenchless pipe bursting is an advanced plumbing procedure that effectively replaces the existing sewer line without tearing up the landscaping, driveway or parking lot at your home or building. This is due to the fact that it does not require the excavation of a trench in order to physically remove the old pipes. Instead, a large cone shape bursting head is installed into the sewer pipes through an access point that is made at the beginning of the pipeline.

As the bursting head is hydraulically pulled through the pipeline with a steel cable it bursts the old pipes apart underground. At the same time, it is pulling a high-density polyethylene pipe into place. The HDPE pipe is heat fused together in order to form a weld as opposed to using glue. The new pipe is placed in the exact same location as the old pipeline. The cone shape bursting head exits through another access point that is made at the end of the old sewer pipeline. When the process is complete, the old, broken sewer line is gone and the new one has completely replaced it.

There are many reasons that trenchless pipe bursting has become so popular with property owners in recent years. The technologically advanced approach is is less intrusive and typically less expensive than traditional excavation’ ‘this provides the homeowner with a new, upgraded, long-lasting solution. The sewer pipe is replaced underground, which avoids the expensive and destructive trench work.

This can certainly make a tremendous difference in how long the new sewer pipeline will last. When multiple sections are used to build a sewer pipeline, the sections are attached to each other with pipe joints. The pipe joints happen to be the weak spot in the system. They can break far easier than the sections of the HDPE pipes. Also, tiny tree roots can invade through microscopic gaps in the joints. As the tree roots feed off of the raw sewage and wastewater they grow at a rapid rate.

They can cause large cracks in the joints that compromise the structural integrity of the sewer pipeline. The roots can also grow large enough to cause clogs in the sewer pipe sections, which lead to backups in the system. A seamless pipeline that has been installed with the trenchless pipe bursting procedure contains zero pipe joints. It will remain structurally stable and free of tree roots for the long run. In fact the pipeline should last for well over one hundred years.

The traditional excavation method can take at least a week to complete. In some cases it takes multiple weeks to complete. The trenchless pipe bursting procedure can be completed in as little as one day. That includes digging the small access points, installing the new sewer pipeline and filling in the small access points as if they never existed. The bottom line is that technology has replaced excavation as the go to method for property owners who would like to save time, money and the destruction of their landscaping and hardscaping.

Restore Pipe Systems is an expert in the field of trenchless pipe bursting. Our company takes great pride in the fact that we use the most cutting edge procedures, equipment and tools available in the entire plumbing industry. Contact us today for a site inspection and project proposal.

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