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Trenchless Sewer Repair

Trenchless Sewer Line RepairImagine this scenario for a moment if you will. The sewer system is acting up again and this time it’s not going to be a simple fix. You have been informed that the real problem lies buried in the ground. There is a large crack in the sewer line. Between the years of continuous use, harsh ground conditions, the materials the pipes were made with and the very nature of what the sewer system is designed to do, it should come as no surprise. Yet it does. No one likes to hear bad news, especially if it is going to cost a lot of money to correct the problem.

Unfortunately, if you own a property that was built before the mid 1970’s, chances are high that this scenario will turn into a nightmare. If you are informed and prepared ahead of time then the nightmare can be reduced to a bad dream or even a slight annoyance. You need to be aware that there is absolutely no need for plumbers to excavate trenches in order to repair or replace the sewer pipes that are buried underground.

Those who still do are stuck in the past. New advances in the field of sewer repair do not require sewer pipes to be uncovered in order for the plumber to do their job. In fact, they can be worked on without the plumbing technician actually touching them with their hands. If this sounds impossible you can rest assured that it is not only possible but the preferred method used by a cutting-edge company specializing in trenchless sewer repair. Our philosophy is, why dig when you don’t need to.

Why rely on a method that has been used for far too long when there is something better? Why have your yard or grounds ruined when there is an easier solution. Why spend more money? Why have it take a lot more time? The answer to these questions may seem obvious, however if you are experiencing a sewer emergency and happen to contact a plumber who still uses the traditional excavation method, you can be easily convinced to have the problem fixed that way.

On that note, the very first thing you should do when contacting a plumber is ask them if they use trenchless sewer repair methods. If the answer is no, don’t go any further. There are absolutely zero benefits to the traditional excavation method. This is so important that it bears repeating. There are absolutely zero benefits to the traditional excavation method. Trenchless sewer repair costs roughly half the price and can take as little as one day to complete verses multiple weeks. Trenchless sewer repair will last anywhere from fifty to one hundred years or longer.

Your yard or grounds will not be destroyed by a trench. Instead only one or two small entry points are made in order to access the sewer pipes. An epoxy soaked sock is installed into the existing sewer pipeline. It is then inflated with either air or hot water. Once this occurs the epoxy completely coats the interior surfaces of the sewer pipes. When the epoxy cures in place or dries, it forms a brand new pipe within the old one. However, if the existing sewer pipeline contains broken spots that are too large to line with the epoxy resin, another type of high-tech machine is used to install a high density polyethylene pipe that is heat fused together.

The new pipe acts like a drill and completely bursts the old one as it is being worked through. When the process is finished the brand new sewer line is located in the exact spot of the old one. Please contact Restore Pipe Systems for a free trenchless sewer repair estimate or to learn more about this innovative sewer repair method. We look forward to helping guide you through the entire process.

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