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Non Structural Pipe Coating

This process is used on pipe that has small cracks or pitting and is getting rough. In some circumstances, applying an epoxy coating is the best solution. Depending on pipe length and type, we have two different systems we use to provide the right and most cost effective solution.

First the pipe is decommissioned and drained of water. Once the pipe is disassembled, we utilize sand blasting, high speed chain cleaning, hydro jetting and vacuuming to remove debris from the pipe walls. This process creates a good anchor tooth profile for the new epoxy coating to adhere to. This is a critical part of the process and completed meticulously. If the surface is not prepared properly, the coating will fail and peel off the pipe. Once the pipe has been cleaned, we use one of two processes to apply the appropriate epoxy type. This is determined based on the length and diameter of the pipe being rehabilitated.

Brush Applied Pipe Coating

This process uses a machine similar to a drain machine that spins at a faster RPM and uses a small hose to deliver epoxy to brushes that spin and paint the epoxy onto the interior walls of the pipe. During this process, we examine the coating with a camera to ensure it is being applied evenly and correctly. Once the coating has dried, we will inspect and apply more epoxy as necessary to ensure the inside of the pipe meets the job specifications. This process uses two different colors of epoxy, allowing us to see contrast in the coatings and verify that consistent coating is applied.

Air Applied Pipe Coating

This process utilizes air pressure and a more viscous epoxy, which is blown into the pipe and dried with hot compressed air. The cleaning process is the same as that used for brush applied but the epoxy has different characteristics that make it more robust in certain applications. It can be more cost effective in longer runs of piping.

Both systems can be used in pipes for boiler/chillers, domestic water pipe systems, hot water recirculation systems, compressed air systems, and process piping.

Please contact Restore Pipe Systems for a free sewer repair estimate. We are here to provide you with more information and to answer any questions you may have. We look forward to working with you.

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