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How does Sewer Camera Inspection work?

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The recent advancement in technology has brought a revolution in the field of plumber. Now, the plumber can identify and fix the sewer line issue easily and fast.

One significant advancement that happened in recent years in sewer repair was the use of the sewer camera inspection method.

So, How Does It Work?

The plumber needs to get an idea of your drain system pipes. Depending on the damage, the plumber needs to feed the camera through different drainage holes to get to the exact location of the issue in the drainage pipe. For this, the plumber needs to inspect additional drainage holes. To enable the plumber to see inside a pipe, a high-resolution sewer pipe camera is attached to a flexible line. This camera is of high quality and durable so that it can be sent inside a sewer line. The professional plumber then sends this camera attached to the rod inside the sewer line to know about the issue. The flexible line helps make the camera more mobile to move inside the sewer pipeline. This can make the person see all the things inside the sewer lines and even the corners. The cameras can locate cracks, collapse, and any kind of realignment due to the shift of earth or even if there is a root inside the sewer line. Using the camera can help you locate the location of the problem causing the sewer lines to block. The camera cannot fix the issue, but they enable you to decide the method for resolving the sewer line problem. Therefore, if you just go for the trench method without knowing the issue that caused the sewer line to damage, it can cost you a lot of money. A simple camera is an effective method to accurately find the problem. Based on the extent of the concern shown by the camera, the plumber can then recommend you if you must go for the whole sewer line replacement or trenchless method.

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