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What happens if you leave a drain clogged?

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It's possible that the problem isn't with your home's drain or foundation. One or more of the issues listed below may have caused the hints you discovered. Find out more about them.

1. Insufficient earthworks

Problem: Over time, the fill around a house might slump. The water is flowing in the direction of the house.

Backfill and level the land to get the required height difference (slope of one inch per foot over a distance of six feet at the house's perimeter). If the ground level must be raised over the foundation's waterproofing line, the concrete surface that the backfill will cover must be waterproofed.

Also, every other inclination carrying water back to the house should be corrected: sidewalks, patios, access roads, and so on.

Note that a slope of around 8% corresponds to a drop of one inch every foot.

Precaution: Don't let the problem spread to your neighbors!

2. Gutters and downspouts that are poorly designed

Problem: Runoff around the foundation might be caused by inadequately sized, poorly positioned, or faulty gutters. The amount of water dripping from the roof is just astounding.

Repair, relocate or replace any damaged gutters.

To prevent the foundation, drain from becoming overloaded, disconnect any downspouts connected to it.

Extend the downspouts to discharge water at least six feet away from home.

Connect a percolating well to the downspouts.

Before the frost period, always disconnect downspouts attached to an extension pipe on the ground.

3. Trees at inconvenient locations

Problem: Trees that are too close to the house can cause cracks in the foundation. During droughts, especially in clay soil, the roots retain water, putting the foundations under stress.

Cutting down possibly dangerous trees is the solution.

Planting other trees comparable to this one too close to the home is a bad idea.

The following trees should not be found near your home: poplar, willow, elm, red maple, Segundo maple, silver maple, and bur oak.

4. Basement window waterproofing

Water infiltration is a problem with windows that are too close to the ground.

Solution: Check the window frame's outline and seal it if necessary.

Any window less than eight inches from the ground should have a coping installed.

Warning: If the window can be used as an emergency exit, the coping must allow for the passage of a person.

5. The presence of ocher is a plus.

Problem: When ferrous soil is exposed to water and air, ocher deposits occur, distinguished by their orange color, which resembles rust. They may cause the drain to become clogged.

Solution: Use an optical camera to inspect the drain.

Obtain an analysis of a water sample.

Drain Clogged is a snowball and you need to fix it as soon as possible! Contact Restore Pipe Systems to serve you in the best way!

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