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How to replace Sewer Line under concrete?

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The sewer line issues have become common these days. Most of the time, plumbers tell you to go digging and repairing your sewer line, but it is expensive to process.

The plumber might break the concrete and dig it to find the issues with the sewer line . It is a dangerous and risky process and can cause cracks in the ground in the future. If you have an issue related to the sewer line under the concrete, it is best to go for the trenchless method. The sewer system can never be taken for granted, so it is best to repair them at the time of issue to reduce repair costs and avoid property damage. The sewer lines can leak harmful material into the ground and cause soil to become dirty as well. To avoid such a case, it is best to go for trenchless sewer repair so that no property damage happens.

Different types of Sewer Repair:

Open Trenched Sewer Repair

The old traditional one is called open trench sewer repair, in which the ground is dug up to repair or replace faulty sewer pipelines. Once the sewer line is done repairing, the ground is backfilled with the mud into the trench taken out before. This is a costly and lengthy process as it can take up to days in some cases. Moreover, it causes property damage that is a great issue for the homeowners.

Trenchless Sewer Repair

Why Trenchless Sewer Repair is Superior:

Many people might not know, but trenchless sewer repair is a better choice for everyone.

Less Intrusive

It is less destructive as compared to another method. In this method, you do not need any digging. Thus, no property damage happens, and it reduces the cost.

Lower Costs

This process requires less time to complete, thus reducing labor costs. Plus, as there is no heavy machinery involved in digging, the price of sewer repair goes down.

Quick Turnaround

It has a quick turnaround and can be finished much faster. By using the trenchless method of sewer repair, everything happens in less time. It has less damage and low chances of future leaks. Restore Pipe Systems is the best Trenchless sewer repair place to fix your problem at lower cost and fewer problems. Contact us!

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