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what is pipe bursting

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Everything You Need to Know

Pipe bursting uses advanced technology to replace damaged pipes while avoiding destruction to your home or property. This impressive trenchless method can be used on any project, big or small and is done by breaking apart the old pipes while creating new ones at the same time. Pipe bursting is often the right solution for broken sewer pipes or damaged water lines as it boasts the ability to save time, money, and repairs.

Pipe Bursting – How Does it Work?

During the pipe bursting process, a hydraulic machine is used to break apart the underground pipe that is being replaced. While the machine breaks apart the outdated pipe, it pulls new pipe through the old one at the same time. As this process tackles two jobs at once, it impressively saves ample time while avoiding extensive damage to the property.

Will Pipe Bursting Break the Bank?

The price tag that comes with pipe bursting can vary depending on the size of the project, the materials used and the contractor that is hired to complete the job. The process is often less expensive and intrusive than traditional dig and replace methods. Asking for a quote, planning, and budgeting for the project is always important before you begin. Discussing a timeline, materials and budget is crucial before hiring your chosen professional.

Pipe Bursting in Utah

Pipe bursting in Utah is an optimal choice for various pipe repair projects. But let’s uncover the best scenarios for this innovative solution. Replacing Damaged Sewer Lines in Utah Or Other Underground Pipes Pipe bursting enables you to replace sewer lines or other underground pipes swiftly and easily, an amazing option if you have damaged or broken pipes. It can also be used if your pipes have been damaged by tree roots, rust, or corrosion.

Upgrading To a Larger Pipe Size

Property owners often choose to increase the size of their pipes, as it will improve flow. Pipe bursting is the ideal solution for this type of project as the pipes will be replaced quickly without damaging your property. Pipe bursting is often chosen when homeowners are adding new bathrooms or other fixtures that require a larger pipe size.

Repairing Pipes That Have Collapsed

Collapsed pipes often lead to homeowners inquiring about pipe bursting. Pipe bursting is the leading solution for collapsed pipes which is often caused by heavy rains or floods when the ground has shifted.

Installing a New Sewer Line in Utah

Home and property owners often install new sewer lines if the establishment is expanding. Pipe bursting can replace old sewer lines quickly and efficiently and is commonly the first choice for projects like this.

A Final Thought

While these are only a few situations that would require pipe bursting, it is often the best solution to ailing underground pipes. Having your pipes inspected by a professional like Restore Pipes is the first step in determining whether this method is right for you. Pipe bursting is a faster and more efficient process than traditional excavation methods and continues to save an impressive amount of time and money. Restore Pipe Systems is a full-service pipe restoration company. Whether the pipe is in a wall or in the ground, we can repair or replace it with minimal to zero digging. Call us at 801-564-0089 or contact us .

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