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What is the mainline in a house?

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The mainline of your house is the sewer line from which the wastewater gets disposed out. You can define it as a single pipeline through which wastewater gets transported to the main sewer line underneath the street. It is mainly installed under your home ground or yard and connected to the street's sewer line.


The mainline or sewer line is the part of your plumbing system, and it has a process of installation that requires maintenance and repairs from time to time. It is the bridge gap between them home's drainage system and the main sewage drain of the street. The sewer line is constructed accurately with a detailed imagination to remove the sewage from your home. Hence, the mainline is an essential part of your plumbing system. This pipeline is installed at the lower portion of your house so that in case of any damage or leakages, it won't harm your property or surroundings.

The core benefit of the mainline of your house is to collect all the water wastes or sewages from every section of your home, which includes the area which liberates more water wastes, such as the kitchen and washroom or toilet. The trash from these parts of your house is collected by the sewer line or mainline and directly transported to your septic tank or your street's main sewage system.

Things To Remember While Installing The Residential Sewer line

When you plan to install a sewer line or mainline for your residence, you must ensure some crucial things before the installation process.

  • Research and Choose The best
  • You need to do proper research on the various company which provides the best installing process. You may find many companies that offer mainline installation services, but choosing the right one is quite essential. When you browse through the online sites, you will get several options, go through them, and find the trusted company with verified certification. The company with excellent years of experience with trusted customer reviews installing the mainline will provide the best service.

  • Maintenance And Repair>
  • When you select and plan to hire the one with the best installation service, ensure maintenance and repair are included in the installation package. The installation process comes in various packages; you need to go for the one that provides for a complete maintenance process. After successful installation, frequent maintenance is essential, whether monthly or annual. The service center should give you a team that checks the sewer line of your house monthly so that early damages can be limited at the initial stage. While severe damage, make sure it won't harm your property, and the service center should provide you the insurance to safeguard.

  • Knowledge On Main Line Installation
  • You should also have a brief knowledge of installation and the types of material used for the mainline. Be careful before selecting the part of your property for installation; ensure that the structure is not done where leakages may damage your area. Choosing the lowest portion of your house will be a better idea.

Now, you know the importance of the mainline or sewer line in your house. Contact Restore Pipe Systems, and we will serve you in the best way.

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