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Pipe Bursting In Layton, Utah

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Pipe BurstingIf you own residential, commercial, and or industrial property that is over forty years old and you have yet to experience a major sewer system failure than you should get familiar with your repair options. This is due to the fact that your sewer pipeline could very well break down at any time. In the past, sewer pipes were manufactured first manufactured our of cast iron and then replaced with a clay tile material. The cast iron pipes rust when exposed to water. Eventually the rust spots rot to the point where holes are formed within the sewer pipeline.

Although clay tile is basically waterproof and will not rust when wet, the material is particularly brittle. The slightest movement in the earth can lead to chips, cracks, and breaks. When the sewer pipes rot, chip, crack, and break tree roots and other debris can easily invade the pipeline. This leads to blocks in the system that acts as a dam. Are you aware of what happens when raw sewage and wastewater cannot pass through these blockages? It sits in the sewer pipeline instead of traveling to the main sewer line that is buried under the street, or a septic holding tank that is buried somewhere on the property.

The raw sewage, and wastewater does not sit idly in the pipes for long. A few unpleasant things will quickly begin to occur. It will seep through the chips, cracks, breaks, and rotten spots and enter directly into the ground. This causes an environmental hazard that can negatively affect the entire neighborhood, especially if the wastewater reaches the drinking water aquifer. At that point it will cost the property owner tens of thousands of dollars in cleanup work.

The raw sewage and wastewater may also back up into the system and enter your home, place of business, or investment property through the toilets, water faucets, or drains. Exposure to raw sewage and wastewater is a health hazard that causes a plethora of medical problems. In the old days the only way that plumbing contractors could fix the problem was to dig a large and destructive trench along the sewer pipeline in order to expose the pipes for replacement. The process takes multiple weeks to complete, rips apart the landscaping and hardscaping and costs $25,000 or more.

Fortunately the trenchless pipe bursting approach was invented approximately fifteen years ago. Forward thinking plumbing contractors, like Restore Pipe Systems incorporate the use technology instead of trenches. Two small access points are made at each end of the sewer pipeline. A high-tech machine installs a continuous, plastic PVC pipe through the broken sewer pipes. As the new plastic PVC pipe is being blown, pushed, or pulled through it bursts the broken sewer pipeline into a bunch of fragmented pieces.

The fragmented pieces are disbursed into the ground where they are left to harmlessly rot away. The entire trenchless pipe bursting process takes as little as one day to complete from start to finish. It is approximately fifty-percent more cost effective, and will last for approximately one hundred years.

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