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Sewer Camera Inspection In Ogden, Utah

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Sewer Camera InspectionThere is absolutely zero doubt that a yearly sewer camera inspection is the best way to avoid extremely costly sewer repairs at your residential, commercial, and or industrial property. It is also the most cost effective method of preventing sewer related disasters from striking. Sewage systems are ticking time bombs that can break down at any time if not properly maintained. In some cases normal wear and tear over years of use cause the system to malfunction.

Why take the chance of raw sewage and wastewater backing up into your home, place of business, or investment property or properties when the mess and health hazard can be avoided? When all is said and done a yearly sewer camera inspection only takes about an hour of your time, and costs significantly less than a new smartphone. The investment is non-invasive and could very well save you over $25,000 in sewer pipeline replacement costs. However it must be performed by an experienced company, like Restore Pipe Systems that specializes in the service.

Once you book a date and time a plumbing technician will arrive at your property. He or she will be carrying some interesting equipment including a flexible rod with a tiny, waterproof video camera attached to the end. The rod is inserted into the sewer system through a pre-existing access point, such as a drain cleanout. The rod is flexible enough that it can be fed through the entire sewer pipeline, including through any bends, corners, and turns. As the camera is being snaked through the sewer pipeline it is recording crystal clear images of the interior surfaces of the sewer pipes.

These video images are transmitted back to the technician in real time where they are viewed on a laptop computer, tablet, or even a smartphone. In turn the technician is able to see any and all existing and potential problems. Event the most minuscule cracks within the sewer pipeline are detectable on the video feed. Often times the issues are small enough that they do not require immediate repair. However, if any larger problems are discovered the technician will formulate a plan to have them fixed.

That way you will avoid a much larger and far more costly repair, and or a sewer disaster in the future. The video is also saved in electronic format so that the technician can compare and contrast the sewer camera inspection from year to year. The property owner is also left with a copy for their records. If you own real estate than it makes financial sense to schedule a yearly sewer camera inspection on a regular basis. Consider it a part of the essential property maintenance plan.

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