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Sewer Camera Inspection In Roy, Utah

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Sewer Camera InspectionThere is good news for residential, commercial, and industrial real estate owners in Roy, Utah. Thanks to advances in video technology plumbing contractors are now able to detect and fix minor sewer system problems before they turn into major issues. Many property owners are completely unaware that something is wrong with the sewer pipes until it is too late. They simply do not realize that the sewer pipeline is a ticking time bomb that can explode at any time, especially if their home, place of business, or investment property was built over forty years ago.

When the sewer system breaks down raw sewage and wastewater begins to back up in the pipes. At this point you will begin to smell sewer gas in and around your property. This will not go away on its own, and it only gets a whole lot worse from there. Raw sewage and wastewater may leak out of the sewer pipeline and enter directly into the ground causing an environmental hazard that you are one hundred-percent responsible for. The raw sewage and wastewater will eventually back up to the point that it enters your property through the toilets, water faucets, and drains.

This poses a dangerous health hazard to any and all people or pets that have been exposed to it. Fortunately a yearly sewer camera inspection is by far the best way to avoid the sewer related disasters as mentioned above. It is a simple, quick, and cost effective procedure that could very well save you tens of thousands of dollars in avoidable sewer repairs down the road. At this point you may be curious as to how the process works. A plumbing technician will arrive at your property with some high-tech equipment.

He or she will insert a flexible rod into the sewer system through a drain cleanout or other easily accessible area. A small, waterproof video camera is attached to the end of the rod. As the camera makes its way through the sewer pipeline it is taking high-definition video images of the interior conditions of the sewer pipes. These video images are transmitted back to the technician in real time, and are viewed on a portable electronic device such as a laptop computer. The technician is able to discover even the smallest problems with the sewer pipeline.

If the issue requires immediate attention than the technician will formulate a repair plan in order to take care of the problem before it turns into a sewer related disaster. If the issue does not require immediate attention than future sewer camera inspections will be able to track the problem up until the point that it does require a repair.

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