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Sewer Inspections Part 1

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Sewer Camera Inspections.

What is a sewer camera? A sewer camera is a waterproof inspection camera with a spring on the end allowing it to navigate around corners and connections. They also have a device called a sonde inside them allowing them to be located at the camera head by using another piece of equipment that picks up the signal called a locator. The locator tells us where it is and how deep it is underground, in walls or floors. We use the highest quality sewer camera systems. The reason we do is we feel that it is very important for you to see what we see. If we see there is an issue with tree roots we want to be able to show you what you are dealing with so you know if what we are looking at is an issue or not. We will address any questions and talk about solutions to repair or replace those issues so they do not happen again or as often.

We always recommend recording inspections and taking pictures of issues. If you are paying for a sewer camera inspection you should be getting a copy of it. It’s only fair since you paid for it right? When having your sewer inspection recorded here are some good things to look for:

Sewer Camera inspection

  • Color inspection: If seeing is believing, color helps you make educated decisions. Black and white cameras are not as useful as color cameras when diagnosing what type of build up is in the drain pipe.
  • Self leveling: Cameras that self level always orient themselves to the bottom of the pipe. As you push the camera out the head spins all kinds of different ways. The self leveling camera heads adjust so the bottom of the pipe is always on the bottom so you don’t have to turn your head or phone upside down to watch it right side up.
  • Clear crisp images: If you paid for a inspection, if you get a recording that is blurry or that reminds you of the time you put the drunk glasses on in school it’s probably a good time to ask for a reinspection. There are times that it’s nearly impossible to get a clear inspection on a pipe but those are few and far between.
  • Footage marker on the camera screen. This allows everyone viewing to double verify and lengths that might be needed for repair or replacement of the line. Here is an example of a footage counter on an inspector.
  • Slow and steady. It’s not a race to see who can pull the camera back the fastest and it’s super boring to watch a video for 20 mins of your drain pipe. So fast enough to keep it interesting but slow enough to view the issues and be able to see them clearly.

  • Here is a link to what we would call a good inspection:

  • Here is a link to a not great inspection:

Check back with us in 2 weeks for our next post that will go over types of issues we find in sewer lines.

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