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Can cold weather cause plumbing problems?

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Winters in Utah are smooth and enjoyable, but the cold weather can worsen the plumbing situation. The freezing temperature of Utah can cause burst & frozen pipes, clogged kitchen drains, and many more.

Well, most of the plumbing problems can be avoided by homeowners. By reading this blog, you can understand how to troubleshoot and resolve the plumbing issues in residential & commercial space.

As you know, the temperature is being dropped, and this is the time to be extra conscious of the plumbing system. Winter brings broken water heaters, leaking water lines, and other plumbing problems. The drop in temperature can wreak havoc on your plumbing systems.

Problems that may arise during cold weather:

  • Broken Water Heaters

Have you ever faced a broken water heater during winter? What can be more frustrating than this? The water heater works hard all year, but we use this in a considerable quantity during winter. Due to the increasing use of water heater & overdrive, there is a chance of wear and tear. When you don’t take proper care of a water heater, it can cause high energy bills, unnecessary sounds, lack of water heater, rust, and Water leaking.

  • Frozen indoor/outdoor Pipes

Frozen pipes are the common plumbing problems that you may experience in winters. When the temperature goes down, the pipes can become frozen. If you notice the foul odors coming from the sink, zero water from the faucet, and frost that are visible on the pipe, you need a plumbing expert for help. When water freezes, it can create a blockage and burst the pipe, and you might face a flood-like situation.

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  • Clogged kitchen drains

The kitchen sink is where we waste most of the foods that likely cause a clogged kitchen sink. If you want to keep the sink in good condition, especially in winters, you need to take care of it. Always use the cold water whenever you dispose of garbage and stop wasting food items on the sink.

  • Water heater troubles

In winters, accessing the water heater increases with the heavier loads. If your water heater is struggling to give the proper amount of hot water at the right temperature, you need instant help from the plumber. You should perform high regular maintenance of the water heater from time to time for smooth use.

  • Outdoor drain damage

During winter, the outdoor drain damage may freeze and cause damage. The plastic drains are vulnerable and can break due to expansion and contraction. By taking good care of the water heater, you can get rid of this.

Winter is harsh in Utah. The consequences of low temperature can be felt throughout the structure of your home. So call Restore Pipe Systems, and we will help you!

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