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Can cold weather cause plumbing problems?

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Are you in need of a drain damage repair and don't know what to do? Are you confused about who to be responsible for drain damages around you?

Well, contacting the right person will help you learn when the city is accountable for drain damages. You can use this guide to know what to anticipate in the case of a drain damage occurrence in Utah.

When does the city take responsibility for drain damages?

The likelihood is that you will ask yourself this question when there is a likelihood of a drain repair. It is essential to know who is accountable if something goes wrong with your plumbing. So, yes. You'll always have to care for your home's drain damages that run to the street. However, even if the city's drain lines are clogged, you may be responsible for the repair charges.

Here are a few things you should be aware of for drainpipes on and near your home.

When can the city be blamed for drain damages?

The city is responsible for all drain lines within its jurisdiction, beginning with the main underground sewer and drainpipe. The Utah municipality's treatment facility or other locations receive waste and wastewater from this connection. The sewer main is usually located outside of your property's limits. Yet, this following pointer should be bear in mind.

Main Sewer Line

It's possible to construct the main sewer and drain line based on the age of the neighbourhood. The place you live, such as a rural area, can also impact its damages. Even if the troubles you're experiencing result from pipes leading to the mainline, you're still responsible. If you need work done on the main lines, look for a licensed plumber in Utah to get this fixed as soon as possible.

Upper and lateral sections

The upper and lower lateral sections are the drainpipes that connect your home to the primary sewer system. The cleanout of your home and the property line are included in the upper lateral. This drainpipe serves as a conduit for wastewater from your residence to the sidewalk and then to the street's lower lateral. You'll find the lower lateral at your property line and connect to the main sewer line. Most often, clogs and tree roots extending beyond the boundaries of your property could still be your responsibility, even though this area isn't located on your land.

Insurance Coverage

Make sure to check with your insurance company if you uncover a problem with your home's drain pipes. Regular practice is to discuss whether your homeowner's insurance policy will cover this type of damage before the event occurs.

Pipelines Inspections

Check out the pipes in and out of your new home with a plumbing inspection. If you can afford it, include a video of the interior part of the pipes to get a better sense of how long it will be until repairs are needed.

What is my responsibility for drainage into my neighbour's yard?

It is not the city's responsibility to ensure that privately owned property has adequate drainage. If you and your neighbour can't agree, civil court action may be necessary. But, using this as a last option to fix drainage issues is not a good idea. The neighbours divert or impound water against its natural course or unduly concentrate the flow to be liable for damages. Although, the neighbours are not liable if the water is flowing normally. Owners of private property are responsible for ensuring that their property's drainage works appropriately. Hire drain cleaning professionals with drainage skills to look at other options.

Problems with drain damage can be costly. When you have drain damage, it is essential to identify who is responsible for fixing it. Call Restore Pipe Systems to have the best Drain Cleaning in Utah! For your convenience, we provide same-day and next-day appointments, as well as emergency and quick-response options.

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